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Punished by the Professor, Part 1 (M/f — 17 min read)

Pegging Sue: A Wife Learns Her Proper Place, Hint: It’s not in the kitchen…(F/m — 11 min read)

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Your Final Warning (F/m, POV— 3 min read)

Over the Nanny’s Knee (F/m — 10 min. read)

Spanking and Submission: A willing newbie learns the pleasures of obedience (M/f — 8 min. read)

Sexy Lexi: She bared my ass and took me to…

Erotic prose poetry

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How can I describe what I feel when I am behind you, on top of you?

The thrill of victory and the joy that comes with an act of kindness wrapped into one — a glorious, benevolent conquest

The sounds…moaning, pleading, gasping, begging

Helpless longing

Your pleasure, mine to give or to withhold

The pushing of my hips against your pale, tender moon, tinted with a soft amber in the candle light

The half of your face against the freshly washed sheets and the look of surrender upon it

Your wrists bound firmly behind you with my old leather belt

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The story of a stern cop and a pantyless speed demon.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am. Do you know why I pulled you over?” asked the officer, looking down at his subject with an air of callous authority.

The young woman gave a grimaced smile and scrunched her shoulders to her ears. “Was it because I wasn’t wearing any panties?”

The officer’s brooding gaze broke into embarrassed laughter. “No miss, it was because you were speeding,” he said, shaking his head.

She looked straight ahead with a serious expression which contrasted adorably with her black party dress and her cartoonishly large pink sunglasses. “Oh yes, there’s that too. I was definitely speeding!” …

The Finale

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Continued from Over the Nanny’s Knee

I stripped down to my birthday suit and stood with my nose in the corner. By this time my tears had stopped and had given way to a full erection — not just any erection, but the aching, throbbing kind that made my dick feel like it was made of solid granite. My butt cheeks were still tingling and tender but running my fingers across them only aroused me more. What was most arousing was thinking about what Nancy might want to do to me once she came into the room.

I didn’t have…

The story continues…

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Continued from Over the Nanny’s Knee, Part 1 and Part 2.

Going over Nancy’s lap for a spanking ended up being every bit as uncomfortable and embarrassing as I thought it would be. And I would have said that even if she hadn’t made me open up all of the windows, but that obviously made it even worse. I knew that she was getting off on asserting her dominance over me. Her temper was fierce but there was a certain something that gave her away. …

The story continues…

This story is a continuation of Over the Nanny’s Knee.

It was Friday afternoon. Standing in the corner of Nancy’s room, holding a big wooden spoon in my hands with my pants and underwear at my ankles wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time, but there I was. I had followed her instructions to the letter which she had written down and slid beneath my door before she left. …

F/m discipline

You have been disobedient and I have no choice but to punish you

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Good evening young man,

I’m assuming you’re reading this in the evening since that’s typically when naughty little perverts like yourself go on the internet to get themselves off. Don’t try to deny it. I know exactly what you’ve been doing…reading erotica and having inappropriate fantasies about women or men that you have no business fantasizing about. You have much better things you could be doing with your time right now, don’t you? And yet you choose to waste your time getting off by reading these stories. Unbelievable!

Honestly, I don’t know what to do with you. All you do…

I thought I was the man of the house…I was wrong

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Nancy Hall was only five years older than me when she started her job as our new nanny. Well, she wasn’t my nanny, per se. I was already grown and starting college. But I had three much younger siblings and my parents were gone on business so often that they needed someone to look after them for extended periods of time.

Even though Nancy wasn’t there to look after me we were in a constant power struggle. She saw herself as having authority over all things that involved the smooth running of the household (a pretty fair assumption now that…

Christian Domestic Discipline Erotica

A taboo story about domestic discipline

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Wife spanking… As taboo as it seems now, it was once a common practice in American households, right up through the 1950s which was when I got married (1952 to be exact). Some consider it patriarchal or even barbaric. Maybe by today’s standards that’s true. But it never occurred to us to think of it that way. I can say with confidence that it only made our marriage stronger. Well, it was my idea initially but how that came about is a whole other story.

I was only 20 when I married Richard. I grew up without a father and…

Femdom Spanking Erotica

She bared my ass and took me to task

Photo by pouriya kafaei on Unsplash

This is a story about how my most embarrassing moment turned into the best luck I ever had. Her name was Lexi — or as I secretly referred to her in my inner-most thoughts, Sexy Lexi. And she was sexy in the best possible way: a shy, modest dresser who didn’t need anything more than a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt to show off an unimposing, yet curvy, athletic figure. She had brown curly hair and haunting hazel eyes. …

Tender Moon Stories

Publisher of erotic fiction: common themes are spanking, BDSM, and other forms of forbidden fantasy

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